Artfutures: Working with Contradictions in Higher Arts Education

ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts

Announces the latest edition to the ELIA Library ‘Artfutures: Working with Contradictions in Higher Arts Education’.

Now available to download in digital form or to order in hardcopy on the Art Futures Publication webpage.

‘Artfutures: Working with Contradictions in Higher Arts’ brings together leading arts practitioners, educators and thinkers – among them Yoko Ono, Frédéric Martel, Peter Weibel, and Douglas Coupland – that are key players in the current cultural paradigm because they are actively creating the future cultural landscape. They come from across 14 countries and a variety of disciplines to address the most pressing issues in higher arts education from the perspective of those operating within the field.

Their contributions cover a wide range of initiatives, from solving the complex problems of urbanity to plotting the future of the cultural ecosystem. In its exploration of diverse geographies, ‘ArtFutures’ tackles issues such as the rise of the MFA in Europe alongside the need for an inclusive approach to the cultural and creative industries, centred on informal arts education, in Africa.

Together, these papers constitute a unique anthology which highlights the manifold iterations of higher arts education. ‘ArtFutures’ demonstrates that the tension between these pluralities, together with mediating institutions like the European League of Institutes of the Arts, acts as a driving force in the development of the field.