Call for Photos


Choreographers, Dance Companies, and Dance Designers


Jeromy Hopgood, the author of the forthcoming text Dance Production: Design & Technology, is looking for high-quality photos to be used in publication and/or on the companion website. Publisher: Focal Press. Publication Date: October 2015.

Project Description:

While staging a dance production in theory may not seem too different from staging a play or musical, in reality a dance production has many unique challenges unto itself.  Dance Production: Design & Technology introduces readers to the process of planning, designing, and executing the technical aspects of a dance production. The book serves as an introductory approach, ideal for dance production courses taught across the world. The book covers pre-production, technical rehearsals, performance spaces, stage management, and devised productions, in addition to lighting, sound, costumes, scenery & props, projections, and special effects for dance. The goal is to bridge the gap between theatrical and dance design by creating a common vocabulary that will ensure productive communication across the different fields.

The text features:

  • Interviews with international working professionals in the dance industry, including choreographers, dancers, designers, and stage managers.
  • End of chapter projects and assignments.
  • A quick reference guide for theatrical and dance terminology.
  • Access to an accompanying website featuring additional content, including videos, teaching handouts, and more projects.


  • By submitting a photo(s), you (your organization, the dancers, and the photographer) give the author permission to use the image for publication in the text covering all editions published in English throughout the world.
  • By submitting a photo(s), you (your organization, the dancers, and the photographer) acknowledge having consent from the artist(s) involved in creating the work. If accepted for publication, you will be asked to sign a permission letter.
  • Submit only high-resolution images. To be able to supply images of acceptable quality, your digital camera must be able to take pictures at a resolution of at least 600dpi.
  • Acceptable file formats include: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and RAW. (If possible, please submit your images as CMYK digital files. This will guarantee correct color reproduction upon printing.)
  • Include dancer(s) credit, designer(s) credit, photographer credit in the title of each photograph
  • Include a word document with your submission including your contact information

Content Type:

The author is requesting high-quality, dynamic and colorful images representative of the world of dance design & technology. Specific imagery might include:

  • Pre-production / Rehearsal process
  • Lighting Design (Show photos, renderings, paperwork, cheat sheets, etc.)
  • Sound Design (Show photos, setup, paperwork, working with musicians, equipment, etc.)
  • Costume Design (Show photos, sketches, renderings, process photos, etc.)
  • Scenery and/or Props (Show photos, renderings, models, prop work, flooring, etc.)
  • Projection / Media Design (Show photos, visualization, equipment, etc.)
  • Stage Management
  • Found space performances
  • Non-traditional dance performances
  • Dance performances utilizing live musicians onstage
  • International dance

To submit images:

Please contact Jeromy Hopgood at