Taiwan Dance Research Journal volume 9

Submission Guidelines


Taiwan Dance Research Journal (TDRJ) is dedicated to disseminating quality academic research in dance and dance related fields. We welcome scholarly articles on the subjects of dance history, dance aesthetics, dance theory, culture studies, dance sociology, dance ethnography, somatics, dance phenomenology, dance documentation, dance/movement analysis, choreological studies, dance and technology and other disciplines.


We invite artists, practitioners, and scholars to propose papers on any aspect of Dance and Cross-field Studies or Collaborations in broad sense, for example:

 Dance and cross-field studies and collaborations: how to start and how to elaborate?

 Cross-field dance studies and collaborations versus preserving traditions and navigating innovations

 Theory and practice of cross-field dance studies and collaborations

 Dance education and cross-disciplinarily studies.

 Cross-art forms performances.

 Dance and cross-art form performances.

 Dance artists and cross-field exchanges.

 Historical study on dance and cross-field collaborations.

 Aesthetic criticism on dance and cross-field collaborations.

 Other contexts of dance and cross-field studies and collaborations.

Types of submissions

1. Original research article. Articles should not exceed 5,000 words, including notes and works cited, and should follow MLA Style or APA Style.

2. Review article. In-depth reviews of dance performances or dance-related books, exhibitions, events, films and other multi-media presentations. Reviews should not exceed 2,000 words.

3. Translated article. Chinese translation of distinctive dance research in a foreign language. Articles should not exceed 20,000 characters.



1. The deadline for all submissions is 31 July 2014.

2. All authors will receive e-mail notification of acceptance by 15 September 2014.

3. Accepted authors should complete their revisions and return the final submission to TDRJ by e-mail by 15 October 2014. Authors will be notified of the final editorial decision in one week.


Comment and reply

TDRJ is a refereed journal. All articles will be blind reviewed by two or three scholars. The authors should not indicate their names or identities in any forms in their writings. The review committee will send the reviewers’ comments to each author along with the editorial decision.


The editorial decision

Articles and reviews may be:

1. Accepted without revision.

2. Accepted subject to minor revisions.

3. Rejected.



1. Copies of paginated manuscripts should be submitted in both Word and pdf formats.

2. Manuscripts should be arranged as follows:

 Cover sheet (see below)

 For Chinese submissions: 500 character abstract of the article in Chinese with five keywords.

 For English submissions: 300 word abstract in English with five keywords

 Body of the text

 Appendices

 Bibliography


The cover sheet must include:

 Title of the manuscript

 Type of submission

 Number of words

 Author’s name

 Author’s affiliation

 Author’s postal address

 Author’s telephone number

 Author’s e-mail address



1. TDRJ does not accept previously published articles or those submitted and accepted for publication elsewhere. Articles should contribute original material. TDRJ requires that all authors sign a copyright form that clearly states that their submitted work has not been published before. The signed copyright form must be submitted with the article.

2. Authors must obtain permission to publish photographs if taken by other individuals.

3. Written permission of the original author should be obtained before submitting a translated article.

4. Authors are fully responsible and liable for any form of plagiarism.

5. TDRJ copyrights each issue of the journal as a collective work. Individual authors retain rights to their individual works. Authors of individual works published in TDRJ have the right to republish their own work in whole or in part. TDRJ requires that authors assign their copyright to the journal once an article has been accepted. The signed Copyright Assignment Agreement must be received before the article is published.

6. All republications must be credited with the originally published TDRJ volume and page number. Contributors will receive five complimentary copies of the issue in which their articles were published.



All submissions should be sent electronically as e-mail attachments to the editor at: anntai62@hotmail.com<mailto:anntai62@hotmail.com>


Mailing address

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