Movement, Autobiography, Ecology in Performance with Sandra Reeve

Strata – Autobiographical Movement, August 11- August 17, 2014-The Burren, County Clare, Ireland.
The sites where we work are stunning and historically vibrant, supporting our gentle exploration, layer by layer into personal themes that are presenting themselves in our lives. There is opportunity to share a crystallisation of your process with the group at the end of the 6 days, bringing your process to a clear point.
The Ecological Body, August 30 – September 5, 2014, Charmouth, UK  offers time to move and to cultivate an embodied “ecological” attitude.
This workshop begins from a sense of the collective. As moving, adaptive beings we study our relationship to change through movement in a wild garden, through the lens of niche, pattern, and emergence. Incorporating autobiographical elements from the Strata workshop and awareness of our surroundings from environmental movement, this week cultivates creativity and performance within community.
The week finishes with an Open Day with shared individual and small group movement pieces to crystallise each person’s experience within the group.
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