Animate Thoughts – Choreographing Research

A roundtable discussion with Andy Field, Alexander Whitley, Subathra Subramaniam, Antonio de la Fe and Martin Welton


Thursday 12th July, 7pm, Pinter Studio, Arts1, Queen Mary University of London


Perhaps in consequence of a world on the move as never before, ‘choreography’ is increasingly co-opted into scholarly research as a means of describing the sequence and shape of human experience and its engagements with political and technological systems. At the same time, within professional practice in dance and performing arts, choreography itself is often presented as either a means of research, or else as resting upon it. Part of the Peopling the Palace(s) festival at QMUL, for this roundtable chaired by Dr Martin Welton, a panel of choreographers will discuss the relationships between choreography and research in their work.


Attendance at the event is free. For more information, or to reserve a place, please email or call the AiR Project office 0207 882 2851.



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Peopling the Palace(s) is a collaboration between staff and students in the Drama and Film Departments at Queen Mary University of London and the Live Art Development Agency. Peopling the Palace(s) involves staff and current and former students of Drama. Produced by the AiR Project and funded by the Centre for Public Engagement, Queen Mary University of London.