Performances at Summer Dancing 2014 in Coventry -26th-29th June

Here is some information on the performances that are happening over the duration of the Summer Dancing Festival in Coventry. Curated by Decoda
Thursday 26th Making Space 2014 Sharings 
by Bettina Neuhaus, Mary Pearson, Rahel Vonmoos and Faye Green
Times and venue tbc (free)
This year we have four Making Space artists resident in Coventry from 9th June until the festival begins. As part of their residency they are given the opportunity to share their work. The details for these will unfold as the artists move through their residencies. For more information on the artists click here <>.
Friday 27th Impasse A solo by Catherine Long
7pm in the Ellen Terry Building. Tickets £10/£6
Impasse is the reformulation for dancer Catherine Long of the multimedia solo Stalemate originally choreographedandperformed by Doran George for ‘Summer Dancing’ in 2009. Moving from a gallery based work engaging ideas of visual art, and object based practice, to being a work in the theatre, engaging ideas of spectacle, display, and dance language, George and Long deconstruct in/capacity integral to concert dance by exploring how the movement component of Stalemate manifests differently on their bodies.
This performance will be followed by a post show conversation with Frank Bock and Florence Peake.
Saturday 28th 24/8 Fringe– Walk away with something to think about, ponder and use as new inspiration. *FREE GRADUATE FESTIVAL*
All Day in various venues across the city (free)
The Fringe Festival is an event aimed at connecting with recent graduates, programmed by recent graduates. With an array of performances, workshops and conversations. Performances include, Twin Spring “A duet explores new dance movement influenced by the 1970s social dance style The Pogo”.
If you are a recent graduate in the arts and seek out experience for development or just interested in seeing work from some emerging artists, please come along to 24/8 Fringe. Click here <> for more information.

Saturday 28th Slapping Legs and Stepping Out A duet by Eva Karczag and Gabi Agis

7pm. The Ellen Terry Building
Devised and performed by Gaby Agis and Eva Karczag. A relationship of discovery using a simple score to anchor free play and support the unfolding of stories that pass through.
Sunday 29th yes i am/no i’m not (here right now) A duet by Cai Tomos and Detta Howe
7pm-8pm durational performance. The Lanchester Gallery (free)
im not her right now has grown out of both artists quest for deepening their understanding of presence and absence in performance. It explored the impossibility and occasional possibility of presence. This elusive search fro presence oin performance has unfolded a series of questions that pose more questions. The practice of improvisation highlights something of the importance of working with a series of nows’. The immediacy of noticing, not where we are going, or where we have been, but trying to attend to the fluctuations of being; present, un-present, ready, un-ready. They dance a series of impossibly riddles that orientate and disorientate them through past, present and future actions. The riffled are unsolvable but give life to the search… and therefore the dance.
The audience are free to come and go as they please during the hour.
Sunday 29th Coat. The Turning and Returning of the Tide. A collaborative film by Hilary Kneale, Helen Poynor and Vicky Vergou.
The Ellen Terry Building
Coat is an evolving work. It is a story that began to emerge in 2012 from the shape of a coat with a long, long tail. It is a story with and ancient echo, a story of a magical garment, that when worn out in the landscape collects into the warp and weft of its fabric the forgotten stories of the land and its creatures. The work began as live performance inside installation and through many hours of walking and movement collecting the stories in many different environments, countries and islands.
Coat. The Turning and Returning of the Tide, the essence of the Coat emerges as the wearer inhabits the littoral zone and mingles with the stories of the land and its inhabitants. Phrases of the written story are whispered over the images and environmental sounds add depth to what is seen. The land is of high flint filled chalk cliffs and deep caves, it is a magnificent setting for the work. The liminal zone of seaweed and pools of water hold many stories that are absorbed into the coat.
This film was developed with the support of the Walk of Life mentorship programme and a Decoda Making Space residency.  
All of the performances take place in Coventry. Maps of the venues can be found here <>. For enquiries about tickets email