PhD studentship at Coventry University on The Body and Sculpture

PhD studentship in Art History at Coventry University
Eligibility: UK/EU Students Only
Award Details: Tuition Fees + Maintenance grant:  £13,726 per year
Duration: 3 years Fixed Term (Sept 2014 start)
Application deadline: 25 July 2014
Interview Dates: 3 September 2014
The Project
Coventry School of Art and Design conducts world-leading research and is offering exciting PhD opportunities through a number of bursaries for students, to work with our professors and other researchers. In addition to more mainstream approaches, research projects may be practice-based where appropriate. They will be pursued within or across our broad research areas of industrial/transport/3D design, performing arts, creative arts, and media and we are particularly interested in the following subjects:
Art History: The Body and Sculpture: 1977-1986
British sculpture of the late 1970s and early 1980s has largely been written from the perspective of New British Sculpture, British Land Art, and a few well-known performer sculptors, but the range of practices were much broader and richer than those. There were those that combined performance and sculpture, photography and sculpture, and that were intrinsic to the aims of different regional groups. There were practices that were gendered and that were by non-white artists, whose work reflected different belief systems and artistic frameworks. There have also been sculptors whose work has been overlooked.
This PhD will contribute to knowledge about these as yet marginalised artists and their practices. It is expected that the topic will develop and become defined from the combined interests of the student and supervisory team. It could be, but is not limited to being about the work of a particular artist who has not received sufficient attention, about one of the groups, about the performative body in a particular range of sculpture or installation, or about making and materials. The project might thus investigate how artists during this period drew from other arts practices and traditions that were influential on how the body performed with and through sculpture (such as dance and movement-based performance practice). 
This topic has emerged through research being undertaken by Dr Imogen Racz and Professor Sarah Whatley, and is part of a larger research investigation in the school about the body, object and identity, and education in art schools of the 1970s and 1980s.
Candidate specification:
The student should have an MA in Art History or a related subject in an area that would enable the project. S/he would be expected to undertake archival research, arrange and conduct interviews, and engage with artefacts, as well as utilising the excellent library resources at the university. They should also be willing to engage with and contribute to the research culture at Coventry University.
For further details, please contact
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