‘The Intricacy of Walking in the City (Methods and Experiments)’ Interdisciplinary Conference

Some of you might be interested in the following interdisciplinary conference  being organised by Labex Urban Futures (http://www.futurs-urbains.fr/en/) at Université Paris-Est (January 2015).

A conference summary can be found below, but full details, including the call (deadline: 15 September) have just gone up online at:

‘The Intricacy of Walking in the City: Methods and Experiments’ explores the hypothesis that the complexity of walking in the city renders it paradoxically omnipresent and invisible at the same time. As an elementary mode of access to services and facilities, a link between vehicular modes of transport and scheduled tasks, a micro-scale within the macro-scale of personal and collective organisation, walking becomes all the more essential – albeit undervalued – by being ascribed a vague and trivial character in everyday life. Questioning the forms and consequences of this complexity provides the general framework of the present Call for Papers, inviting scholars from around the world to present their research. This includes, but is not limited to, examining and evaluating the context of walking in urban landscapes, not only in a variety of physical and biological conditions, but also inseparably in the context of social interaction, cultural representation and individual and collective motivation.