Greetings from DanceHE Chair Dr. Fiona Bannon at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit

Greetings from the   World Dance Alliance Global Summit , Angers – France, 6- 11 July, 2014  
The 1st meeting of WDA in Europe
Hosted by
CNDC  (Centre national de danse contemporaine)  and 
The University of Angers

Contemporising Past: Envisaging the Future.

Welcoming speeches were given by amongst others, the Minister for Culture and Communication, the Deputy Major of Angers, Robert Swinston, Director of CNDC (former rehearsal director to Merce Cunningham) and Dr. Cheryl Stock, Secretary General of World Dance Alliance.

The delegates arrived to a performance by students of CNDC under the directions of Robert Swinston.  

The WDA Summit hopes to address some of the fundamental questions about Dance, cultural life in general, being-open minded to other cultures, to other aesthetics, to other artists and to different types of dancing practices

Colleagues from the world who share a commitment to the transmission of the knowledge of the practice of dance have gathered to share their experiences. In this we acknowledge that the artistic practice of dance is close to the heart of politics, it can break down barriers to communication, can sit at the heart of cultural politics, and a renewal of aesthetic languages. 

Colleagues from a number of DanceHE departments are here; Coventry, Northampton,  Hull, Chichester, Liverpool Hope, Canterbury Christ Church, Leeds,  Bedford, Trinity Laban,  Middlesex, I hope I haven’t missed anyone off my list.   

Later with their permissions I will disseminate their names  so that we can continue the conversations and disseminate information sharing about the WDA as we move towards restarting the WDA Europe.

‘Thought bites’ from the Opening Keynote 

Germaine Acogny   –   ‘Non dancing dance; empties the dance of all its purpose and meaning, it is no longer dance’ (trans)

Set against

Oliver Dubois    – ‘It is the responsibility of new generations to work with the monument of the legacy of dance but importantly to be in dialogue with knowledge, we need to find ways to work with but not be held by the past.’ (trans) 

Robert Swinston   –  In his role as Director of CNDC sees his role as passing on the legacy of deep traditions of dance, and his own experience through work with new generations to prepare for the future.

I  will send more information  about the possible developments of WDA  Europe  next week.

Fiona Bannon PhD
Chair, DanceHE,