New Physical Theatre Programme in Cambridge – October 2014-July 2015 (The Cambridge Performance Network)

You are invited to join us for a journey into the world of physical theatre
and performance! I’m excited to let you know about the new annual
programmes – October 2014-June 2015 at Body and Motion Theatre.

Two annual programmes are available, each consisting of 3 term-long
courses. All courses can be taken as part of one of the annual programmes
or, based on available space, also as individual courses. all courses and
programme are for adults.

*Ann. Programme 1 – Physical Theatre, Devising & Performance*
*Tuesdays, 7.00 – 9.30pm* (over the 3 terms).
   Participants will explore the fundamental principles of physical
   theatre, movement, improvisation and creation. This course is for anyone
   with some performing arts experience, as well as for enthusiastic beginners
   who would like to go on a journey.

   Introduction to physical theatre & movement
   From animal kingdom to character work

 *Ann. Programme 2 – Advanced Physical Theatre, Devising & Performance*

 *Wednesdays, 6.30 – 9.30pm* (over the 3 terms).
   Building on the foundations of Physical Theatre and Performance,
   participants will explore existing theatrical languages, with the intent of
   discovering and developing their own theatrical language and create their
   own work.

   Melodrama and tragedy
   Comedy masks – making and performing
   Buffoon, comical characters and clown

Enrolment for the two programmes and courses is now open. For any questions
and for booking, please contact me