Call for new board member DanceHE

We are seeking a new board member to take on the role of Secretary.  The role would begin after the AGM in September for an initial period of 3 years.

If you are interested and have any questions about the  role please get in touch with Dance HE Chair Fiona Bannon using

1.      Executive Board Member – Secretary.
To begin executive board membership September 2014.

Duties and Responsibilities: Working closely with the Chair, Deputy-Chair and Treasurer the Secretary has a number of specific duties.

1. The Secretary provides the Executive and Board members with notices of meeting times and places and requests contributions of items for the agenda.

2. The Secretary, in consultation with the Chair, prepares and distributes agendas for the Board in advance of meetings.

3. The Secretary working with the Chair prepares full minutes of Board meetings, and distributes drafts to the Board. The Secretary also maintains the official minutes of Board Meetings in terms of archives.

4. The Secretary maintains copies of most formal agreements to which DanceHE is a party and generally can be required to be a signatory to such agreements.

5. The Secretary annually instructs the Board as to its duties. In this connection the Secretary maintains “ROLE DESCRIPTIONS” for elective office.

6. When necessary, the Secretary certifies Executive Board appointments.

Nominations, (which may be self nominations) should be sent by email to Fiona Bannon, by Monday, 1st  September, 2014.

Please include the following information:

1. Name and Institution of nominee:

2. Name and Institution of Supporting colleague:

3. Brief biography of nominee (100 words max)

Nominations may be self-nominations and should be received with the support of another member by 1st September 2014. Following this date all nominees will be announced to members. Institutional representatives will be asked to vote /approve nominations by email or in person at the AGM, Wednesday 17th September.
The candidate who receives the most votes shall be deemed elected.
The results of the Election shall be announced following the AGM / through the elist/web.