Interactions, a project focused on exploring the approaches and questions around socially-engaged practice is well underway

Artists, facilitators and interest parties can be part of the conversation by attending Interactions mini-symposiums.
These discursive and practice-focussed events will be held at:
The Bluecoat, Liverpool—Interactions Mini-Symposium #1, Fri 19.9.14
4.30—6.30pm                £4.50 (concessions)/£6.50

Yorkshire Dance, Leeds—Interactions Mini-Symposium #2, Weds 8.10.14
6.30—8.30pm                £4.50 (concessions)/£6.50

Also, follow our blog–

Currently featuring a range of observations and reportage on the performance interventions presented as part of Hazard festival, held in Manchester during July.


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