Videodance Master classes with camille Auburtin in Alsace (France)

Camille Auburtin, French dancer and director, gives two new sessions videodance workshops in Alsace (France) on 04, 05 October and 22, 23 November 2014. These workshops are based on a combination of further education, to experiment with specific work around the movement.

Open to public dance professionals, visual art and film, full training consists in two parts on both weekends. The aim is to finalize a short videodance creation at the end of these two sessions formation. Ci below the flyer with all the information …

Camille AUBURTIN comes from the choreography and cinephile community, she develops a search around the movement pursued for 15 years with the video. His work focuses primarily on three proposals: the creation of films (documentaries and experimental, fiction dance, visual modules), education in the image and creating an international platform for videodance in Bordeaux.

Departmental Council for Music and the Art of Haute-Alsace
By phone: + 33 3 68 00 12

Recherche I création I sensibilisation à la vidéodanse