URGENT: Ofqual consultation on future of GCSE, AS and A Level Dance

Dear All,

Consultation deadline is 22 September (Ofqual).

I am writing to you in my role as a member of the Dance Programme Board. Linda Jasper is away at the moment, but I am writing in consultation with the chairs of the Programme Board (Veronica Jobbins and Chris Thomson.) Linda wrote a response before she went away and we have drawn on her work.

Please excuse this mass mail out and also any cross posting that arises from it. A few of us were able to be present at a consultation meeting last Friday held by Ofqual. At this meeting, we were told how important it is to have as many individual responses to the consultation as possible. Organisational responses are acceptable but the need for mass individual response was a very obvious steer. Peter Laycock and Chris Thomson have worked on a format for the response which is attached. Given the time constraints, we hope you will find this useful, although of course please feel free to respond however you wish. The danger of not responding may result in inappropriate changes being made to the learning and assessment of our subject. At the meeting last week we were pressing for the GCSE examination, which was previously 80% practical exam 20% written exam, to move no further than 70/30. It is currently set to become 60/40 which does not reflect the equal importance of our three stranded model of dance education: performing, creating and appreciating.

It would be absolutely great if you could forward this on to staff, students, artists and governors or anyone else that you feel may be willing to respond and of course it would be really helpful if you could point out the importance of this deadline.

Others will have a better idea of who else they can involve but just to get us going I am asking the following people to forward this to their constituencies, unless you’ve already done it of course.

  • Veronica Jobbins and Chris Thomson cover NDTA, the rest of the Programme Board and National Dance Agencies
  • Michael Adamson covers Dance UK and YDE
  • Bev Stevens covers other HE contacts and artists
  • Veronica Lewis covers CDD staff, principals and Board, CAT Directors, staff, students and Board of The Place
  • Peter Laycock covers Dance Educators Group and GCSE staff
  • Luke Rittner covers RAD

I don’t think there’s a problem if we double up at this stage, we just need to get this done in the next few days.  Please feel free to use the attached document if you think it is useful.

This email only deals with Ofqual consultation on the design of assessment arrangement and objectives. There is a separate DfE consultation on subject content which closes on 19 September and can be found herehttps://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/gcse-and-a-level-reform Please deal with this as well if you can.

All best wishes,


Professor Veronica Lewis MBE


London Contemporary Dance School

The Place

16 Flaxman Terrace