Interdisciplinary Residency Programme at Hospitalfield, 17-30 November 2014

Deadline: 22 September 2014, midnight.
Due to high demand for the previous interdisciplinary residencies we have created another residency for November this year.
Devised to appeal across all artforms, it is planned as an opportunity for those working across the arts to develop research, have focused time for writing, take the opportunity to reflect on past progress or to plan for future projects.
We will ensure that this is a productive time set within the retreat-like setting of Hospitalfield, which works for individuals or collaborative groups as  a test bed for developing their practice.
The Residency is open for application from researchers, academics, educators, artists, writers, producers, dancers, choreographers, commissioners, curators and  others developing their working lives within the scope of contemporary cultural practices.
Although the Interdisciplinary Residency is not directly supported by public funds we aim to make it an affordable and high quality opportunity that  individuals can raise support for from agencies, trusts and employers.
Please  for this link for more information and to apply for the November Interdisciplinary Residency here

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions: laura [at]

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