New Publication Choreogpraphic Dwellings: Practising Place

For those who are interested in the broader ramifications of the notion of the choreographic this is to let you know that :

Choreographic Dwellings: Practising Place, edited by Gretchen Schiller and Sarah Rubidge,  has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The book extends the notion of the choreographic by highlighting the experiential condition of contemporary performance projects that enact place as action. It describes the kinaesthetic as a topological condition of choreographic dwelling when body-environment interactions are interwoven. Simultaneously challenging and embraces discussions of embodiment from a variety of disciplines, the notion of the choreographic is extended to incorporate the dynamic architectures of affect, agency and affordance. This shift in thinking the choreographic is brought to life in this collection by writings from artist-scholars and movement practitioners from dance, music, performance, urban studies, circus, interaction design and Parkour.

Featuring authors from a variety of geographical backgrounds  (from Europe to Brazil and Canada) the book will be of interest to all those whose choreographic thinking extends beyond the dance and dancing.

The book is now available in hardback via Palgrave MacMillan or as an ebook via Palgrave Connect.

The book is part of a new series New World Choreographies edited by Rachel Fensham and Peter M Boenisch. Further books are in the pipeline.