Music Theatre/Dance Focus Group Call for Papers

Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference

July 30-Aug 2, 2015 | Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montréal, Québec, Canada

The Music Theatre/Dance Focus Group of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education invites panel proposals for the 2015 conference. Panel proposals must be submitted to the ATHE website by November 1, 2014.

This year’s conference theme—Je me souviens (I Remember/Lest We Forget)—is particularly provocative for music theatre and dance scholars as memory (its construction, re-construction, preservation, and circulation) often plays a central role in our work as historians, theorists, actors, directors, and choreographers.

Possible avenues of investigation include:

  • The materials that we use to remember past musical theatre and dance performances.
  • The role that nostalgia plays in our memory of musical theatre and dance performances.
  • The role that memory plays in the production or reception of revivals or adaptations.
  • The role that memory plays in the re-creation of musical theatre and dance repertoire.
  • The ways in which memory organizes and sustains fan communities

The 2015 conference theme also acknowledges Canada’s histories of colonialism and nationalism. The theme and conference location also invites us to consider questions of transnationalism, globalization, and musical theatre/dance performance created outside of the United States.

In addition to the traditional format of panels and papers, MT/D welcomes proposals for practice-based workshops or interactive, site specific, and alternative-format presentations. Presenters submitting proposals outside of the traditional panel format are asked to be very specific in their proposals concerning the structure and number of participants so that ATHE can be advised about space/time needs.

More details on the 2015 conference theme are provided below:

ATHE 2015 Je me souviens (I Remember/Lest We Forget)

Quebec’s simple but provocative motto, which is not without controversy over interpretation, caught our imagination — both metaphorically and geographically. It invokes thoughts of remembering — remembering theatre at its best, when its immediacy and humanness is embraced, remembering our past and how it points to the future, and remembering our power to instigate change.

As most of our members will cross the national border of Canada and the provincial border of Quebec—which is recognized as a nation within Canada, and onto territory claimed by the First Nations Iroquois people, “Je me souviens” can be defined by considerations of place as well. Issues of country/isolation/assimilation that began in Phoenix, as well as acts of revolt/revolution, quiet and otherwise, give rise to consideration of the silences, the unsaid, the gestures, the sub-text, the dangers, the misunderstandings, the non-discursive in the “in-between” terrain between cultures, countries, and constituencies in Canada and beyond. Building on this, we can also embrace inter/trans-national and inter/trans-cultural exchanges in performance texts, process, or production.

There are a range of resources available on the ATHE website to help you through the proposal process, including a webinar on submitting a successful proposal:

To submit a proposal online, please use the following link:

Panel proposers are asked to keep Bryan M. Vandeveder (, the MT/D focus group conference planner, informed of planned submissions, ALONG WITH making the formal submission online.