Ballet Training twinned with Creativity

Seminars and workshops  with University of Surrey and the Dance Partnership and Access team in London at the Royal Ballet School exploring creativity in ballet education and training.

The series looks at aspects of both the outreach programme and choreographic study at the Royal Ballet School, and students’ training in the context of their developing as professional dancers.  Each day is differently focussed  – with keynotes from Alastair Macaulay, Chris Bannerman, Kerry Chappell and Jonathan Needlands, practical examples of workshops, observation, sharing of student choreography and discussion. The day ends with a panel drawing together different perspectives on ‘artistic’ and creative practice, led by Kenneth Tharp.

What productive tension arises in the twinning of Ballet Training with Creativity?

We aim to share practice, provoke more questions and stimulate thinking. Dates are 26 October9 November and 30 November. Each day can be booked separately.  On 30 November – ‘Educating the Ballet artist of the 21st Century – the particular focus is on the work that we do to nurture the ballet dancer’s choreographic thinking and practice.

I am sure you will find the days of great interest –  we would value your being there and warmly welcome you to the event.

Attached is an advert for this series. Further information about speakers and schedule can also be found at: Please do pass on to your colleagues and networks.