Centre for Dance Research, University of Roehampton Two Forthcoming Research Seminars

Back to Grass-roots: Performance and Resistance in the Heritage Site
Dr Felicia Hughes-Freeland, Research Associate, Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, SOAS
Monday 10 November, 6pm, DU.101 Duchesne Building, Digby Stuart College, University of Roehampton

This  work-in-progress re-visits the theoretical characterisation of  intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and explores how collaboration and cooperation are being used to challenge a top-down approach to ICH in a festival in Indonesia against a background of major changes in cultural politics. Felicia Hughes-Freeland was Reader in Anthropology at Swansea University and is now an independent scholar, writer, and visual anthropologist.

The Body Says What Words Cannot? Dance as Mechanism for Claiming Human Rights
Dana Mills, Lecturer, Hertford College, Oxford
20 November 2014, 6.15pm, DU.201 Duchesne Building, Digby Stuart College, University of Roehampton

In this lecture I will discuss the application of human rights theory to dance. I will present a close reading of a case study, a piece called Quiet (2010) incorporating Israeli and Palestinian dancers. I argue that the piece enables a challenge to the aporia of human rights in theory and practice. In the lecture, I draw on the work of Jacques Ranciere (who in turn draws on the famous discussion posed by Hannah Ardent), according to whom those most marginalised, hence most in need of human rights, cannot in fact claim them. I argue that the paradox of human rights, as discussed by Arendt (and later elaborated by other radical democratic political theorists such as Seyla Benhabib and Bonnie Honig) has not disappeared but just changed guise. It is one of the central challenges our contemporary community faces. Dance enables a novel prism to rethink – and challenge – the paradox of human rights. I argue that dance draws on embodied egalitarianism and hence transcends other methods of marginalisation.

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