Utopian Residencies, University of Roehampton, 25 November at 6pm

Utopian Residencies
Karen Christopher, Hester Chillingworth (GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN), Sarah Gorman and PA Skantze
Tuesday, 25 November 6pm
University of Roehampton
Jubilee 103

This event stages questions about the artist residency, particularly in the context of the university. It aims to host a wide-ranging conversation from both a specific and practical perspective, and from a more speculative approach. How do artists’ residencies operate in universities? How do they work within wider practice-based research programmes? What sort of work patterns and changes to working methods do residencies produce, and how might they best be supported? What might other forms of residencies in universities (e.g. an academic residency) look like? From a different angle, how can the utopian ideal of a residency (isolated, away from the stress and distraction of the ‘real’ world) be re-thought in terms of political potential? What sorts of communities might residencies bring into being, or challenge? Could the ‘residency’ be a space to imagine and act out alternative ways of working and living more broadly?

The invited speakers will offer brief provocations, both reflecting on experience and making proposals. Discussion will happen over food and refreshment. All very welcome.