Dramaturgy at Work: CDR Research Seminar, 26 Feb, Roehampton

Centre for Dance Research

Research Seminar

Dramaturgy at Work

Dr Simon Bayly (Drama Theatre Performance, Roehampton), Dr Konstantina Georgelou (Utrecht/ArtEZ), Dr Nina Power (Humanities, Roehampton), Dr Efrosini Protopapa (Dance, Roehampton), Dr Danae Theodoridou (Groningen)

26 February 2015, 6-7:30pm, DU.001 Duchesne Building, Digby Stuart Campus, University of Roehampton
Free, all welcome, no need to book

Addressing contemporary European perspectives on and practices of dramaturgy, this roundtable discussion crosses between dance, theatre, performance and the domain of the social. Dramaturgy here is conceived both as a significant working process that is immanent in the creation of contemporary performance, and as a critical practice that is able to interrogate and reinvent the social.

This seminar will consider dramaturgy as a process of ‘working on actions’. Departing from the etymology of the term (deriving from the Greek drama = action + ergon =work), we are interested in ‘drama-turgy’ as a shared working practice amongst collaborators that focuses on the creation of actions in the making process and in performance. At the same time, we remain carefully attentive towards the connection of these actions with their social and political context. What are the implications of such propositions for dramaturgy? And what further issues emerge? For example, what might it mean to be working on actions; how does one act; what are the boundaries or crossovers between art and activism; how is dramaturgy to be thought of in the context of artivism?

A two-year project by Georgelou, Protopapa, and Theodoridou, ‘Dramaturgy at Work’ consists of and develops through a series of workshops and roundtable discussions that approach dramaturgy from different perspectives. These are taking place all over Europe in 2014 and 2015, and will lead, in 2016, to a book provisionally titled Dramaturgy at Work: Artistic Encounters as Sites of Social Imaginaries.