CDR seminar: Nicole Beutler – THIS IS HOW I WORK, 30 April, Roehampton

Centre for Dance Research, University of Roehampton


Nicole Beutler, NBprojects, Amsterdam

30 April 2015, 6-7.30pm, Michaelis Dance Theatre, Froebel Campus, University of Roehampton

Free, all welcome, no need to book

In this seminar, choreographer/theater-maker Nicole Beutler gives an insight into the development of her works through time and talks about her current concerns. She talks about working in a collective and as independent maker, about working with professional and non-professional performers, about the natural inter-disciplinarity of her interest, having a background in visual arts and physical theatre. One of her main interests is the relation of the works to time and the collective cultural history in the Western world.

Living and working in Amsterdam since 1993, Beutler has developed her work in the context of the cultural politics of the Netherlands, where in the recent years the role of the arts has been deeply questioned. With an unstoppable idealism she believes in the necessity of art and engages in many projects beyond the production of art: she is co-initiator of WE LIVE HERE, a yearly summer academy that takes place in Amsterdam, creating a platform for meeting and exchange of professionals in the performing arts and related fields. She co-initiated many contextual events and amongst these lecture series THE OLD BRAND NEW.

Nicole Beutler is an Amsterdam-based choreographer, whose work is situated on the threshold of dance, performance and visual arts. Her performances are composed with a high sense of musicality, and suffused with subtle humor. She also frequently engages in and initiates projects that enable reflection and encounter. Her company nbprojects regularly presents at Frascati Theater in Amsterdam, and tours the Netherlands and abroad. Nicole has been a permanent cast member of The Show Must Go On by Jérôme Bel since 1999, and is a guest teacher at the Theatre School of the AHK in Amsterdam. This seminar is given in conjunction with a week-long residency at Roehampton Dance that she is running with Felix Ritter.