Body and Imagination: workshops Miranda Tufnell

Body and Imagination
With Miranda Tufnell


Sat/ Sun July 25 /26 Fields and Tides
Sat September 19  Falling Up
Fri- Sun  October 16 – 18 Origins

These workshops offer an environment for shared creative experiences, working solo, in partners and within a larger group, to awaken imagination and develop a deeper connection to the experiences of the body and to our environment

Sat-Sun  July 25 & 26th  Fields and Tides – journeys in breath
A summer workshop  to explore  the nature of  breath.  Moment by moment  breath shapes and  stories our body-    ceaselessly changing  us  – defining both  our limits and  edges   and  yet also opening the door  to what is  beyond and  calling. How we  perceive and feel is  a  direct response to  this ebb and flow of breath    within and around us   us. The workshop is an opportunity  to  deepen awareness of the  dynamic exchange  of breath within our bodies .  We will spend time outside  to  follow  the  shifting rhythms and nuances of the living  air –  to listen, move, write   and make  –  and  discover the landscapes of  story, memory,  dream and image that connect our breathing bodies more fully to the world  about us . £100

Sat September 19th  Falling up This workshop explores creatively  our relationship to  space, to gravity and the support of the ground. We will look particularly at the anatomy of the feet and legs and the ever shifting  receptive balancing  of  our   vertical  alignment.  We will draw on  aspects  and principles of the Alexander technique  to  receive and move  with more ease from the ground £50

Fri- Sun  October 16 – 18th  Origins
“We are as bees and our body is a honeycomb. We make the body, cell by cell we make it “ Rumi
A 3 day workshop to explore the rhythms and nuances of  movement,  stillness and the shaping forces of our embryological beginnings. We all have within us   have an inherent capacity to create, renew, grow and change –  coming   into relationship  to  our embryological  beginnings  engages us with  the fundamental  organising forces of our lives.   Where do we come from ? where are we going ? Where we originate from in  the womb a  metaphor for  the invisible forces  that guide and draw us throughout our lives . £150

Sun  November 22 nd  Heart
A brief  introduction to the heart. Every cell of our bodies depends on the immense living energy of the heart  and research is revealing just   how deeply  the heart ( and gut)  inform and  guide  our thinking  brain. This is a day to play, improvise and expand  our sense of  heart  . “Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”  Mary Oliver .£50

Miranda Tufnell ( is a dance artist, writer and teacher in movement and imagination. She is also an Alexander teacher and cranio-sacral therapist. She has been teaching and making performances for over 35 years. Her work, both as a performer and body therapist has been to explore the ways in which movement shapes our sense of meaning, language and perception. With Chris Crickmay she co-authored two handbooks on sourcing creative work entitled Body Space Image (1990) and A Widening Field (2004).

Booking essential on all these w/s.  Concessions available
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