CALL FOR PAPERS -Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts CFP Performance, Place, and Geography

Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts 9.2
Performance, Place, and Geography

This forthcoming issue of Platform explores the importance of place and geographies of performance. In his seminal work on theatre semiotics, place and performance published in 1989, Marvin Carlson writes that ‘the way an audience experiences and interprets a play, we now recognize, is by no means governed solely by what happens on the stage. The entire theatre, its audience arrangements, its other public spaces, its physical appearance, even its locations within a city, are all important elements of the process by which an audience makes meaning of its experience’ (Places of Performance 2)

This issue takes broad inspiration from both the abundance of contemporary scholarly works, and current trends in British theatre making.  Recent publications that explore theatre and performance’s relationship to place, geography, and cultural materialism include Theatre & The City by Jen Harvie, and Elinor Fuchs and Una Chaudhuri’s edited book Land/Scape/Theatre. There have also been a variety of academic conferences addressing these themes, such as King’s College London’s conference on ancient Greek theatre, landscape, and environment in 2014.  Furthermore, over the past ten years there has been an upsurge in site-specific performances in the UK, ranging from productions by Punchdrunk, Theatre Delicatessen and You Me Bum Bum Train, which revivify desolate urban edifices, to the National Theatre of Wales’ open-air shows celebrating the region’s rural landscapes.

We hope this edition of Platform will continue the discourse of how geography and place impacts on how theatre is created, received, and historicised. It will attempt to further the debate of what theatre can bring to the study of geography, and the place of theatre within the field of geography.

Platform invites postgraduate and early career researchers  to submit articles or performance documents, which may take as a point of departure any of the following themes:

Cultural Geography

Geography and performativity

Places of performance

Cultural Materialism

Street performance

‘Site-specific’ performance and its terminology

Theatre architecture

Urban and rural landscapes in performance

Theatre Ecology

Staging place

Geography and theatre history

Cultural imperialism and cultural hegemony

Landscape and theatre

Along with academic articles, we are also happy to consider new writing, performance writing, photographic essays, performance responses, and other creative works that speaks to our themes. We would like to encourage submissions not only from scholars of theatre, performance and dance, but also from those working in literature, politics, philosophy, music, media arts, film studies, cultural studies, geography, and other related disciplines. In addition, we are happy to consider interdisciplinary articles and provocations.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, 22 May 2015.
Submissions should be 4000 words in length, and accompanied by a 200 word abstract. Please submit papers to<>.
Submissions should be original, unpublished work. If required, all images should be appropriately captioned and attributed. We ask that all potential contributors familiarise themselves with our submission guidelines<>.