TaPRA Performer Training Working Group Interim Event – Remediated Training


13th May 11:00-17:30, University of Leeds 

As different forms of digital media (DVD Publications, Digital Archives, online footage, MOOCs) are increasingly used in the documentation and dissemination of performer training research, ‘Remediated Training’ aims to set out major and recent developments in the field and examine their implications.

  • Which digital formats have been so far used in the publication of research outputs?
  • What are the characteristics of these formats, how do they shape the reader/viewer’s experience and what kinds of knowledge do they produce or transmit?
  • What is the relationship between the various digital modes of documentation and dissemination (form) and the pedagogical, artistic and aesthetic aspects of the specific regimes that are documented (content)?
  • What is the relationship between the visual, written and embodied component of a final output?
  • What kind of challenges/tensions/opportunities does the use of these media produce in relation to the dominant paradigms of the field (embodied knowledge, the ‘neutral’ body, direct transmission, ‘deep’ training)?
  • What are the financial, cultural and ethical implications of their use?
  • Are there any useful theoretical or practical constructs from related fields, for example new media, intermediality etc. that could inform the way digital technologies are used?

Confirmed speakers: Baptiste Andrien (Contredanse Brussels), Peter Hulton (Arts Archives), Duncan Jamieson & Adela Karsznia (Culture Hub)

The event is FREE (including lunch and coffee), but you need to be a TaPRA member. You can buy your membership here:http://tapra.org/membership/

To book for the event, please contact Linda Watson: l.m.watson@leeds.ac.uk by 8 May 2015.