CfP: Glitch 2015 the politics and poetics of failure, error, disorder and noise

A one day interdisciplinary conference exploring the glitch across arts practice and theory. Hosted by the Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Date: Monday 14th December 2015
Venue: North Holmes Road Campus, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1QU, UK.

The concept and creation of the glitch continues to engage artists and theorists working across a number of different arts disciplines, and in particular visual arts, digital art, music, and sonic art. Celebrated as a productive, generative figure within art practice, and also as a disruptive, destabilising form with radical potential, the glitch celebrates faults, failures, malfunctions, disturbances, anomalies, bugs, errors and noise. As the repressed sounds and images of technology, glitches render audible and visible technology itself, as well as the normalised systems and codes that underpin representation, communication and language. Although the glitch has been closely associated with technology, it may nevertheless also have the potential to illuminate other areas of experience and understanding, and in particular, as a form of noise, brings a political dimension to arts practice.

This one-day conference seeks to survey the field of contemporary glitch practice and glitch studies, while aiming also to explore the ways in which the concept might be applied to new areas of arts practice and theory.

Proposals are invited for 20 minute presentations addressing issues relating to the glitch within arts practice and theory. Alternatives to the traditional form of the 20 minute paper are welcome, and in particular presentations that seek to blur the boundaries between performance and formal presentation.

Topics for consideration might include (but are not limited to):

  • the glitch in film, video and photography
  • the analogue glitch
  • the post-digital glitch
  • glitch dance, theatre and music
  • the glitch in and poetry and prose
  • glitch theory and glitch studies
  • the history of the glitch and glitched history
  • the politics and poetics of the glitch
  • the glitch and improvisation
  • the ontology of glitch
  • the glitch and materiality
  • glitch and gender
  • hi-fi lo-fi
  • chance, chaos and the glitch
  • glitch as creative opportunity
  • computer code and the glitch
  • glitch aesthetics
  • glitch scat, sample, and scratch
  • turntablism and glitch
  • genetics, disease and the glitch
  • natural order and the glitch

    Please email a 250 word proposal plus a short biography to Dr Andy Birtwistle by 6th September 2015. Email :

    Please include your name, affiliation (where appropriate), and contact details. Please also include any A/V requirements with your submission.

    Decisions regarding the status of submitted proposals will be made and communicated as quickly as possible following the submission deadline.