light and lightness and Some Attempts to Order Force, a special edition of work curated by straybird – 9th-11th July 2015

light and lightness / A Twilight Talk  – 9th July, 2015, Solo performance by Fiona Wright 

Some Attempts to Order Force – 9 -11th July, 2015, Two works by Lucy Cash

light and lightness / A Twilight Talk, 2015

A solo performance as part of ongoing solo work in process:  How the Sun Lights the Earth

In this part of the world, at the end of each day, the solar system gives us the setting of the sun. Somewhere out to the west, not necessarily visible but perhaps in some way always present in our imagination, the nearest giant star sinks below the horizon. This is a moment in the day when many things still shift – we go home, we switch on electric lights, and sometimes we sit down in theatres.

light and lightness is a sharing of a particular moment in the day, a simple encounter with a performer in which she unravels what she knows about how the sun lights the earth. The performance is neither extemporized nor impromptu but it does rely on a spontaneous collaging of thoughts and research and memory.

The making of this work is also about not-making and a desire to talk about age-ing, disappear-ing, and what seems to last; about not-becoming and non-attainment.
Some Attempts to Order Force, (A Miscellany in Progress) 2013

A text, sound and image work, which considers seen and unseen forces.

Sight Reading, 2007

single screen film

The chance finding of a second-hand book led Cash to explore how particular forms of somatic skill might destabilize our relationship to the world around us. Jules Romains’ intriguing account of early 20th Century experiments in Paroptic vision offered Cash the possibility of exploring different registers of movement. Sight Reading deliberately evokes a strange, dream-like sensation of synesthesia through collaging re-enactments of ‘eyeless sight’ experiments with a choreographed exploration of an eclipse set against the endless cycle of Eric Satie’s Vexations. Made with an Artsadmin bursary, 2007.
Straybird (

straybird is a platform set up artists Lucy Cash and Becky Edmunds for collaborative moving image works and innovative curations.  straybird projects consider the expansion of choreographic thinking beyond dance in order to offer distinctive, haptic ways of exploring the world around us. Enjoying the different perspective that work made through dialogue brings; in September 2014 straybird extended their scope and began working on a number of collaborative commissions with different invited artists. These include Some Patterns of Current for Hampton Library (with Sheila Ghelani) and Of Bird and Air (with Zoe Manders, Scott Smith, and Duncan Whitley). straybird are Artsadmin associate artists 2013 – 2015.

Fiona Wright (

Fiona Wright is an independent artist who has been making mainly solo performances since the late 1980s, working through choreography, writing and installation. Solo work includes a series of close-up and ‘one-to-one’ performances, several performance lectures, a practice-based PhD project (2005).  Collaborations include a duet with Caroline Bowditch as girl jonah, and projects with video artist Becky Edmunds. Involved with Feldenkrais Method for over 25 years, she is now on the London Professional Training (2015). She has extensive experience working with artists and teaching in Higher Education and has also worked as dramaturge and performer for example with Simone Aughterlony (Zurich/Berlin) and Quarantine (UK).

Lucy Cash (

As an artist working with moving image, sound and performance, Lucy works in an eclectic and expanded manner with techniques and technologies borrowed, (or temporarily inhabited) from different disciplines. She is drawn to beginning with the extraordinary appearance of ordinary things – things that are already in the world, and that invite small interventions between the poetic and scientific, philosophical and humorous, intimate and political. Her background in performance making and choreography informs her approach to the work she now makes in different media, and she continues to explore innovative forms of collaboration – working with people from a range of communities and fields of expertise.

Date & location : 
Performance- 9th July, 7pm, Venue TBC- Coventry University
Installation 9th-11th July – 10am-5pm, Venue TBC – Coventry University

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