Rose Bruford: MA Ensemble Theatre Audition Workshop with Gabriel Gawin (Song of the Goat) and Niamh Dowling

Rose Bruford College


Audition Workshop: June 26th

Workshop Leader Gabriel Gawin (Song of the Goat) / Niamh Dowling


The audition will be held in Dalston, E8 2EA from 11am to 4pm


Please wear loose comfortable movement clothes. Prepare a Shakespeare speech. If you sing prepare an unaccompanied song.

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Programme Director: Gabriel Gawin (Rose Bruford College/Song of the Goat)


The MA Ensemble Theatre functions on many levels and across a range of specialisms

Actor/performer training which is the principle dynamic of the programme focuses on the development and mastery of the performers art through rigorous voice, body, and mind training and their integration in the daily professional practice of the performer/actor, supported and sustained through the collective energy and interaction of ensemble practice.

Central to this is the actor’s mastery of their own craft, the value of which is always understood in relation to the group and the community/audience. Each of us is different, with a unique complexity of possibilities, gifts, and desires. We aim to create an environment where exploration, creativity, and play, are harnessed, defined, and focused by the appreciation and acquisition of technical skills and acumen supporting the unique ambitions of each student.

Actors, writers and directors who join the program gain a deeper understanding of each other and of the creative practices and methodologies they are developing and producing through inter disciplinary theatre work, participating in both single and inter disciplinary project workshops, developing their own specialist areas of interest, undertaking supervisor supported in-depth and wide ranging research into their chosen field of interest.


In order to ensure the programmes creative integrity and our ability to respond to evolving student need and interests, and the fluidity of the Global Theatre landscape, the Master’s program maintains a relatively flexible curriculum. Whilst you will undertake in-depth study and train utilising practices and methodologies of key Master practitioners e.g. Grotowski, Miesner and Stanislavski we are seeking to develop practice that draws inspiration and insight from many creative disciplines and cultures.

Modes of delivery:

The Masters is delivered through daily class; lectures and seminars; Master-classes; laboratory workshops; performance projects, with the option of professional placements and internships.