New issue of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities

Intellect is delighted to announce the new issue of Dance, Movement and Spiritualties 1.3.

This journal explores the relationship between spirituality, dance and movement. Research into spirituality receives comparatively little attention in Western dance practices. In contrast, this journal provides a platform for those practitioners and researchers who are actively and creatively working with spirituality at the centre of their practice/research. This new issue includes articles on the tribal belly dancing to a postmodern analysis of Telugu films.

List of articles:

‘Dark am I, yet lovely’: Tracing diabolical evil and femininities in gothic fusion tribal belly dance
pp. 373-391(19)
Author: Dearey, Melissa

Based primarily on a participant observation of a six-week series of dance workshops, this article references Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalytic theory of horror and the monstrous feminine to explore the meanings, experiences and performances of ‘darkness’ in what is belly dance’s darkest genre, Gothic Fusion Belly Dance (GFBD).

Spirituality in Aurelia Baumgartner’s Tanzphilosophie
pp. 393-412(20)
Author: Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Daniel

The article considers Aurelia Baumgartner’s inspiration,intuitive collaboration with other artists, the concepts of femininity, beauty,and non linearity central to her practice and thinking.

Inclusiveness through art films in Telugu: A modern to postmodern analysis of K. Viswanath’s films
pp. 413-438(26)
Author: Murthy, C. S. H. N.

This present study attempts to situate the themes of Kasinadhuni Viswanath’s musicals in modernist and postmodernist cultural perspectives in an effort to show that art forms  are of immense help for a silent and non-violent social revolution.

Anna Halprin’s Parades and Changes: A harbinger of ritual transformations
pp. 439-449(11)
Author: Weber, Rebecca
This article examines the scholarly discourse on Anna Halprin’s rituals and her own use of the word ‘ritual’ in historical archives to define what determines a work as ritual.

This issue concludes with two book reviews on Seki Jutsu: The practice of Non-subtle Energy Medicine and Dance Somatics and Spiritualties: Contemporary Sacred Narratives and an interview with Carla Walter.

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