CfP: IFTR Choreography and Corporeality Working Group

IFTR 2016, University of Stockholm, Sweden

13-17 June 2016


We invite interested scholars in our field to come to our next working group meeting from 13th – 17th June 2016, to be held during the IFTR conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Choreography, dance and body-centered performance practices provide a vital site for exploring the convergence of thought and action. Our members approach this intersection from a variety of interweaving perspectives that include socio-political, cultural, philosophical and historical considerations.

Wherever we meet, we try to schedule discussions and performances with choreographers who work and live where the IFTR Conference is held.

The general conference theme for 2016 is Presenting the Theatrical Past, Interplays of Artefacts, Discourses and Practices.

Given the historical theme of the conference, we would hope that many of you who have joined our group in the past will come together with us next year. Since there is no past without a future, we also encourage new members and new scholars, to come along, including the many wonderful Indian scholars who joined us in Hyderabad.

The conference offers bursaries to assist participants with their travel costs. Applications for bursaries need to be submitted by 1st December 2015. The application form will be available at from 30th September 2015. Do apply if you want support and encourage your colleagues to do likewise. If you want any assistance from us, such as invitations or support letters, please let us know (by writing to Prarthana at

We ask participants to submit papers on their work in progress, which may address the conference theme or some other aspect of choreographic and corporeal research practice. Papers are distributed to the group and are read in advance of conference meetings. They are then grouped for discussion on the basis of synergies between them.

This year’s theme may attract some general conference panels from this working group or may result in a response to the theme within the working group. We now have a dedicated working group webpage and online forum for discussing and determining these matters. To access these, login to the IFTR site ( with the username and password you received when you registered for IFTR membership at the Cambridge Membership portal. The forum provides us with a platform for discussion and can also be used to advertise publications/jobs/conferences of potential interest to our members.

The conference organisers have notified us regarding submission dates for the abstracts, registration dates, plus IFTR membership details. In brief, the deadline for abstract submission is 15thJanuary 2016. Abstracts should be submitted through the IFTR’s dedicated conference website: Information on how to submit will be available on the page.

Once this is done, the conference organisers will notify you that your paper has been accepted by28th February 2016

We would love to see you in Stockholm.