Interdisciplinary research seminar series at Brunel, London

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Arts & Humanities

DRAMA STUDIO, GASKELL HALL, Cleveland Rd, Uxbridge UB8 3PH
Wednesdays 16:oo – 18:oo


Precarity and the Politics of Art:  Performative and Critical Empowerment after Democracy

This Research Series aims to probe troubling interpretations of the increasing unrestrainment of capital, and its impact on all social-economic, cultural, creative, and educational sectors in the developed world; the sustainability of democracy is an urgent emerging research theme for those of us in the performing arts/creative field becoming intensely aware of the multiplication of realities (virtualization; networked infrastructures) and the growing depoliticization of culture and art. The main objective of the Series is to articulate various perspectives on the emptying of politics in favour of the aestheticization of pure ideology within the context of precarization and the operations of unknowable information technologies. In particular, the series will examine

•       Labour and virtuosity / refuge and asylum
•       Decolonization and the politics of ‘not-quite’ identities
•       The aestheticization of performativity
•       Ritual politics, gender relations, social and sectarian conventions
•       Algorithmic culture and participatory art

October 21

> Decolonizing Gestures and the Colonial Gaze <
Melissa Blanco-Borelli (Royal Holloway) “Bodily Archives and Hi(p)-stories: Dancing in Cuba’s academias de baile”

Broderick Chow (Brunel, Theatre) “Animatedness and the Filipino/a performing body”

October 28

Olu Taiwo (University of Winchester)   “The Street and Expanded  Theatre”
Jaime del Val (Madrid, Istituto Reverso) – “Metabody: embodied media and the wars of indeterminacy and control””

November 25

Pascale Pollier  (Brussels/London) – “Curating Fabrics of Human Bodies”
Marina Grzinić (Institute of Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana): “Necropolitics, Racialisation, and ‘Social’ Curating”

January 27

Anshuman Mondal (Brunel, English) “Racial Politics and Political Performance”
Taghreed Elsanhouri (filmmaker, screen writer) “Autopsy of a Partition” (video installation)

February 17

Piotr Cieplak  (Brunel, Documentary Practice) “Archives of Terror”
Maria Kastrinou (Brunel, Anthropology)  “Poetics of Intimate Violence: Movement Theatre in Syria”
Royona Mitra  (Brunel, Theatre) “Bodies, Not-quite Identities, and Cultural Representations”

March 09

Holly Maples  (Brunel, Theatre)  “Aesthetics and Politics of Remembering”
Marios Chatziprokopiou (Athens) “The Mourning Others” (fieldwork/performance)

International Laboratory:
April 4 – 10 [all week]

METABODY: Media Embodiment Tékhne & Bridges of Diversity   /

May 25

“Algorithmic culture and participatory art”

Bojana Kunst (Ljubljana) Precarity & Participation
Arthur I. Miller (UCL)   “Third Culture: Making the Invisible Visible”
Soenke Zehle  (Saarbruecken)   “Exit Strategies”
Additional particiapnts/practitioners to be announced.

Coordinated by Johannes Birringer
Director Center for Contemporary & Digital Performance, Brunel University

All Research Seminars are co-produced with dance-tech live TV and streamed online as well as archived.:

This Research Seminar Series is supported by a grant from Brunel University London.
Entry: Free
Contact:  +44 (0)1895 267 343