The Europeana Space Project Dance Hackathon: Hacking the (dancing) body

The Europeana Space Project Dance Hackathon: Hacking the (dancing) body

20th & 21st November at CIANT | International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Prague

The EuropeanaSpace project is organising an exciting event about the use and re-use of cultural digital content, in particular dance. Participants will form teams and during two days of focused and intensive collaboration, with assistance from the hackathon ambassadors (experts in programming, BCI technologies, motion-tracking, and cultural heritage), explore new creative ideas, design and develop prototypes.

E-Space hackathon Website:


Hackathon topics:

  • Dance (patterns in body movements)
  • State of mind (patterns in brain signals)
  • Cultural Heritage Content (patterns in history of art)
  • Light and sound (patterns and rhythms)
  • Interactive art, dance, body/mind, digital art

If you are wondering what teams could do during hackathon, here are a few hints:

  • Explore dance and choreography with a virtual notebook, DancePro tool.
  • Write your own dance stories using the DanceSpaces tool.
  • Transform data from motion capture device into visual.
  • Prepare multi-media project, as a presentation of your stage-design or choreography.
  • Remix, implement, transpose digital data from Europeana cultural repositories to inspire and create new performances.
  • Transform the data from EEG of dancer during the performance into the visual design (brain-computer interface application).