Call for submissions: Undisciplining Dance Symposium 2016 New Zealand

  • Moana Nepia, Artist and Assistant Professor (Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai’i at Manoa)
  • Efva Lilja, Choreographer, Performer and Writer (Sweden)
  • Associate Professor André Lepecki (New York University)  
The twenty-first century presents dance studies with a huge task: To understand the inherited knowledges and embodied practices of previous eras, while allowing space to imagine different futures and ways of moving and creating. The question of discipline is ever-present in the field of dance studies; creating specific terrains of practice, defining professional attitudes, connoting forms of punishment that determine acceptability and unacceptability. Discipline can be a gate-keeper, a kind of shame, a pathway to virtuosity and professionalism, a form of sophistication and an application of control and power. Despite the ‘corporeal turn’ of much recent academic discourse, Dance Studies as a field has produced disciplined bodies persistently subjected to the commands of academic writing (Dempster, 2005; Lepecki, 2006).

If much of what we teach and come to know from within the disciplinary regime of Dance Studies is founded on a certain kind of mastery, what scope is there to challenge, criticize and undo this knowledge from within the academy?

We invite presentations that attend to the changing status of disciplinary knowledge in dance and performance in the context of an increasingly transdisciplinary and decolonized field:

  • How might oceanic thinking from the Pacific challenge the global field of dance studies?
  • What place is there for the ‘unfinished’ body, failure and experimentation in dance studies? 
  • How might indigenous knowledges inform dance education?
  • What are new ways of thinking/doing through dance making and education? 
  • What can choreography do in non-theatre contexts of performance? 
  • What is emerging beyond the subject of dance in a posthumanist terrain?
We invite abstracts in the following formats:
  • Paper presentations (20 minutes) / Full panel proposals  (90 minutes)
  • Performance lectures (20 minutes)
  • On and off-site workshop sessions (90 minutes)
  • Performances (max 40 minutes)
Presenters are invited to submit 250-word abstracts or proposals, and a brief biography (no more than 200 words) as well as a note of any basic technical requirements.

In the case of full panel submissions, include a 250-word description of the overall aim of the panel, with a brief biography for each of the participants, and the name and contact details of a primary contact.

We are especially interested in sessions that ‘undiscipline’ expectations of conference set-up and behavior, and invite the logic of dance practice to organize presentation forms. Undisciplining Dance encourages sensorial and embodied knowledges, risk, play and activation.

Please contact the Symposium Convenors Carol Brown and Alys Longley or Becca Wood for further information. 

You can also download more information via the CRA website.

FYI: Anyone planning to attend the Performance Studies International Conference Performance Climates in Melbourne 6 – 9 July the dates align very well to do both while you are in the Southern Hemisphere.