DR@FT Open Forum 2 at Falmouth

Open Forum II

 One must continually make and continually fail in order to create’

O’Gorman & Werry, Performance Research, Vol 17:1

Wednesday 17th February 2015 6-8.30pm

AMATA Production Space from 6pm

Sharing in studio B

Evening will feature presentations from staff and research students on current research relating to dance and performance and improvisation.


  • Kuldip Singh Barmi, Jana Bitterova & Oak Matthias: Practice no 93 performers in space directed by the present moment.
  • Rosie Enys: Research as improvisation: exploring spaces of (dis)comfort and (un)certainty
  • Frankie Williams: Total Decoy: on the subject of the gesture of looking away in the modalities of embarrassment, mis-attention and failure in performance related art practice. 


There will be time for questions after each presentation and continuing to respond to the research theme of Creative, Connected Communities, the open discussion will follow the presentations by discussing the broad notion of failure as acreative resource with the following questions as starting points:

  • How can improvisation, mis-performance and discomfort be an explicit part of making and performing processes within a rhetoric of community that only celebrates success?
  • What happens in performance making and doing when things go ‘wrong’? What happens when we are not looking, not paying attention, when things do not go to plan?
  • How can creative failure be embraced as a positive quality in institutional contexts and create a climate that values research over outcome?


Yes! Drinks & nibbles ARE provided, please RSVP for catering purposes:


Convener: DR@FT Dance Research at Falmouth