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The 3rd biennial Performance Philosophy conference
The Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
Thursday 22 – Sunday 25 June 2017

Keynote addresses:
Suzanne Cusick (USA)
Alan Read (UK)
Miroslav Petříček (CR)
Alice Lagaay and Hartmut Geerken (DE)

Invited dance performance: ME-SA / BOD.Y / Renan Martins de Oliveira: Let Me Die In My Footsteps
(CR, Brazil, Slovenia)

Other conference sessions include papers, lecture performances, participatory workshops, performative walks and site-specific interventions, artistic dinners and more.

How does Performance Philosophy Act? Ethos, Ethics, Ethnography is the 3rd biennial conference organized by the international network, Performance Philosophy, founded in 2012. An emerging interdisciplinary field of thought, creative practice and scholarship, Performance Philosophy is concerned with all aspects of the relationship between philosophy and performance, including the ideas of “performance as philosophy” and “philosophy as performance”.

For this 3rd conference, our focus is on how performance and philosophy act, exploring the intersections of notions of ‘acting’, ‘action’, ‘activity’ and ‘activation’ across theatrical, political, behavioural and ethical contexts. Our interest revolves around three domains where different forms of “how” are co-articulated:
1) the “ethos” built into performance and/or philosophy in terms of style, stance or attitude;
2) the different renderings of “the ethical” and “ethics” questioned by performance and philosophy, e.g. virtue ethics, deontology, utilitarianism, principles of Eudaimonia, postmodern ethics, posthumanism;
3) the ethnographic linkages between performance, philosophy and the regional, cultural and political singularities, differences and forms of knowledge.

Our conference also questions the ethos of Performance Philosophy as such. Is there a particular notion of ethics or ethos that applies to the encounter between performance and philosophy? Did performance philosophy emerge from the capacity to maintain a creative tension and non-unification between two different domains or from the capacity to abolish artificial boundaries and produce new values, meanings and styles within a new field? Are there distinct methods for collecting materials from archival pasts as well as the present, establishing the basis for an ethnographic research highlighting the interactions between performance and philosophy? Can these ethnographies serve as behavioural or performative protocols for ‘doing’ philosophy?

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Delegates and presenters will need to pay modest membership dues to attend the conference, these will be:
• 65 EUR for salaried / waged delegates and presenters
• 35 EUR for unwaged / student delegates and presenters
These fees are put towards the costs of running the conference and/or towards future PP conferences. The conference is free for participants affiliated to the organising institutions.

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Dr. Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca
Reader in Theatre & Performance
Director, Centre for Performance Philosophy
Department of Acting and Performance, GSA
University of Surrey