A Message from Decoda


A message from Decoda

It is with some tenderness and a lot of extraordinary memories that I make public today, the closure of Decoda as an organisation. Over the last decade Decoda has curated 6 Summer Dancing festivals, more than 100 workshop series, 24 Making Space residencies and countless public performances and events. These all happened with the unshakeable support, loyalty and love of countless artists, funders, dancer participants, audiences, board members, technical genius and friends,

These have undoubtedly transformed the activity of dance and performance for many people and for the city of Coventry and far, far beyond.

I would like to extend huge, huge gratitude to all those who have volunteered, interned, worked, danced and spoken this work into the world. I can’t list everyone, there are hundreds. Decoda’s history leaves an indelible and rich etching of creative curiosity in my experience and in my body.

I will name Jenna Hubbard, Lily Hayward-Smith and Amy Voris because these are the awesome women who operated along side me to dream and craft from the very beginning. You three shine on in the substantial legacy that comes to mind in writing this.

And so to send Decoda off, let’s raise a full glass and a resiliant heart to the future of dancing. Because dancing does change the world.

Katye Coe