Walk of Life Movement Workshops in Non-stylised and Environmental Movement with Helen Poynor

Walk of Life Movement Workshops in Non-stylised and Environmental Movement.

With Helen Poynor
March – November 2017
The Walk of Life is an innovative approach integrating moving in the studio with moving in response to inspiring natural environments on the World Heritage Jurassic Coast in Devon/Dorset and in hills and woodland nearby. An opportunity to extend and deepen your movement practice and refresh your professional experience.

Walk of Life in Nova Scotia   July 28th – 30th 2017

3 day environmental movement workshop on the Canadian Coast. Project manager Mischa Horacek, see www.kineticstudio.ca.

Embodied Landscapes – Walk of Life Intensive   September 22nd – 25th

An opportunity to immerse yourself in four days of movement practice, re-invigorating body and spirit, encountering earth, sea, sky and rock through the physicality of your moving body and the subtle movements of heart and breath. Inhabiting the tidal landscapes around Beer Head and nearby coastal/woodland sites. Finding your place in a changing world. A chance to deepen and renew your practice or an intensive introduction.

Price: £175 (£145 concession) Location: Branscombe, 2 miles from Beer, East Devon.

Autumn on the Beach October 7th – 8th

Glorying in the tidal landscapes revealed by the spring tides, moving among rock-pools and on ledges of blue lias clay with the tang of autumn in the air. Finding your feet, finding your direction. Locating yourself between earth and sky, cliff and sea. Following your movement as it unfolds, with your spine like an animal and the wind in your hair. Embracing the potential for transformation as the wheel of the year turns.

Price: £95 (£80 concession) Location: Charmouth, near Lyme Regis, West Dorset.

Movement Ritual Explorations.  November 18th – 20th

Movement Ritual is a fluid sequence of floor movements created by Anna Halprin. Grounded in a holistic approach to the body the sequence deepens kinaesthetic awareness, encouraging flexibility in the spine and enlivening the whole body. It can be used as a daily practice, a warm up or workout, a physical meditation and a springboard into creative movement. The weekend offers an in-depth introduction to the sequence including pair work and personal explorations. The intention is to enable participants to continue working with the sequence after this studio-based workshop.

Newcomers and previous participants welcome. You may register for Saturday and Sunday or all three days. Participants who have attended a Movement Ritual workshop before and have continued to practise the sequence may attend just Sunday and Monday to review their practice and the final section.

Price: £95 two days, £140 three days (£80/£110) Location: Branscombe, 2 miles from Beer East Devon.

Booking and Bursaries

To book send a £40 deposit with your postal address and phone number to Helen Poynor at the address below. Early booking is advisable. The concession rate is for people on benefit level of income. A reduced price bursary place for those on a low income is available on most workshops as a work exchange, please enquire. Once your booking is confirmed your deposit is non-refundable. A list of local accommodation and travel information is sent on confirmation.   If you’d have difficulty walking up to a mile on rough ground or moving on unpredictable terrain please call Helen to discuss the sites we’ll be moving on.

Please note Helen cannot be reached by email only by phone 01297 680155 or post.

Helen Poynor
8 Mill Lane, Branscombe
Devon EX12 3DS

Tel: 44 (0)1297 680155 (9am-7pm Mon-Sat)   www.walkoflife.co.uk