Feldenkrais, Contact and ensemble improvisation 2-6 august. Simonetta Alessandri & Rick Nodine

Feldenkrais, Contact and Ensemble Improvisation.

This workshop is an opportunity to use the somatic approach of the Feldenkrais Method as a way into CI. We first create a quiet space where we can listen to our own body and question how we organize movement in order to experiment with new functional alternatives.

We will use specific movement patterns from Feldenkrais to underpin Contact Improvisation principals, practicing exercises that range from the simple and structural to the more complex and acrobatic.
In the afternoons Duet dancing will expand into group improvisation with compositional awareness. Together we will create a space where trust and humor support vigorous dancing, practicing, processing, jamming, watching, body working, resting and discussion.

The dance studio is open to the landscape and sits up on a hill. There is a breeze allowing for dance in the mornings and evenings and there is time for the beach in the middle of the day.

The beautiful Ostuni is the closest town.

Meals: Lunch and dinner are prepared by a cook. Delicious food typical of the Apulian region.

Accommodation is in traditional stone houses surrounded by olive trees, aromatic plants and red soil.

Closest airport: Bari or Brindisi.

Casinasettarte-Ostuni (Puglia)
cost : € 360 before 30th May (including food and accommodation)
€ 390 
Camping : – 30 € 

Registration: pay pal – info@casinasettarte.org intestato a Germana Siciliani

or wire trasfer to APS Kronopios Casina settarte IBAN IT27M0501804000000000240524 


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