National Centre for Circus Arts – Call for Research Collaborators

The National Centre for Circus Arts is embarking on a new program to embed research in its activities as part of the next stage of professional and educational development of the organisation.  The NCCA provides world-leading conservatoire training as well as high quality education at pre-HE levels. Teachers come from and have worked all over the world and as such there is a great breadth of experience.

NCCA goals are:

  • To further knowledge exchange and drive innovation not only in our understanding of circus disciplines but also regarding the broader artistic, social, cultural and political contexts in which circus now sits
  • Bring together the cultural and creative industries with researchers, academics, businesses, and other institutions in order to maximize resources around research.
  • Examine the relationships between key areas such as student welfare, both physical and psychological, pedagogical approaches, and how creativity can lead to new insights into circus’s place in the performing arts.

We believe that there is an appetite for many forms of research and are looking for researchers who would like to collaborate with the NCCA to co-produce work that will be published in various forums and media.

If you are interested in collaborating or simply want to know more, we would be happy to begin a dialogue, so please contact