Intellect announce new issue of Virtual Creativity

Intellect is delighted to announce that the new issue of Virtual Creativity is now available.

This special issue of VCR gathers articles, art projects and visual essays, presented at ISEA2017 held in Manizales, Columbia, between 11 and 18 June 2017.

Articles within this issue include (partial list):

On space curves as a substrate for audio-visual composition

Authors: Lance Putnam

Page Start: 93


Technology has long provided artists with new tools and materials to inform or drive the concept, production and/or communication of their artworks. With the advent of computers, artists have an unprecedented degree of access to a vast realm of mathematical structures to use towards the production of artefacts. Harmonic space curves are a basic, yet rich virtual material for construction of audio-visual works that are noteworthy for their persistence across a diverse range of technologies. This is evidenced by a brief foray into mechanical, electronic and digital systems that produce space curves and the author’s own successes in utilizing space curves as a substrate for audio-visual synthesis and composition.


Avatar life-review: Virtual bodies in a dramatic paradox

Authors: Semi Ryu

Page Start: 121


This article will examine ongoing avatar life-review projects, in the light of drama therapy concepts and methods, exploring a hybrid model of avatar/drama therapy in a virtually mediated environment. The avatar life-review platform will incorporate techniques/methods of drama therapy and psychodrama such as role playing, role-reversal, doubling and mirroring as a hybrid therapeutic model between VR and theatre. It will address multiple states of self in dramatic paradox, especially for people with traumatic memories, disabilities, memory loss or mental health complications.


White Cart Loom

Authors: Vicky Isley and Paul Smith

Page Start: 147


British artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith (collectively known as boredomresearch) were commissioned in 2016 by the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) to produce a new digital artwork with the aim of supporting Paisley’s bid to be City of Culture 2021. The commission was co-funded by UWS and Renfrewshire Council, Scotland. The resulting artwork titled White Cart Loom weaves a narrative combining Paisley’s rich industrial past with current scientific and ecological work, fighting to save a rare organism from extinction.