Call for Papers and Contributions – Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

Call for Papers and Contributions

 Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

Issue 11.1 Wright-ing the Somatic:  Narrating the body

Edited by Dr Adesola Akinleye and Helen Kindred

Deadline for full articles: 1st June 2018

Wright-ing the Somatic:  Narrating the body

This special issue of JDSP calls for papers that explore how we tell the tales of our embodied experiences and share our practices…narrating the somatic. How we craft (wright) our moving bodies and why that is important in climates of social change and questioned identities.

As scholars-artists and practitioners of dance and somatic studies we understand that the embodied experience underpins meaning making, but how is this bodily understanding captured, shared, and storied. How is it articulated as knowledge without disrupting its felt origins. Why is it important to share and communicate embodied knowing? How are choreographic processes and other explorations in movement as a methodology for understanding our personal, historical and cultural narratives?

Submissions could respond to:

  • the social imperative of crafting with, and /or narrating, embodied experiences
  • movement as a methodology for understanding […]
  • the fragile relationships between text/image/film and somatic movement practices
  • Professional Practice in dance and their documentation
  • initiatives or innovations communicating embodied experience within arts practices and / or public pedagogy
  • biography and auto-biography as modes of narrating the arts


Please submit via the JDSP homepage on the Intellect website:,id=160/

Please include article title, abstract (200 words), keywords and full article (maximum 6000 words excluding references). In another document, please include author’s name and affiliation, biography (200 words), postal and email address. Please submit in Word format. All text in the same font (such as Arial) pt.12 and Harvard Referencing.

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Artist’s pages/alternative formats: Please submit a pdf with how you wish the article to appear in print, along with text (Word) and any images (tiff/jpeg/pdf, 300dpi) attached separately in the same email.

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