Shadows of the Dawn:  Migration and the Indeterminacy of Community & Immunity

“Shadows of the Dawn:  Migration
and the Indeterminacy  of Community & Immunity”

18 april and 13 june 2018

Artaud Performance Center-  Brunel University London   / supported by the  Institute of Environment, Health and Societies  / Arts & Humanities

How do we confront a transcultural survival politics and better understanding of migration and hospitality? The aim of these two workshops is to incite debate and practical knowledge exchange between fields  – theatre, social works, education, human geography, political science, ethnography, media arts – on pressing questions regarding notions of “imagined communities” during the current resurgence of ethno-nationalism, exemplified by xenophobic hostilities, divergent responses to the so-called refugee crisis, Britain voting to leave the European Union, the election of Donald Trump, the rise of right wing populism on the European continent. During the symposia-workshops, participants will consider interlinked focal points that deal with community and immunity.

•       Natural History of Migration/Immunity and Biopolitics
•       Racism and Patriotism / Institutional and Systemic Sexual Violence
•      Security, Nationness, Ethno-futurism, and the Theatre of Resistance

The planned activities include scholarly presentations/shorter provocations, workshops and practice-based performances or fieldwork demonstration/film to be presented over the two symposia in April and June 2018. Format and compositional method of the Series are intended to be open and innovative as well: curatorial propositions will be solicited from invited guests and volunteer participants.

[1] Wednesday April 18  /  Wednesday  June 13        2:00 PM – 9:oo PM

14:oo  Welcome  Johannes Birringer & Maria Kastrinou

14:15 – 16:oo   Workshop 1
Yohai Hakak,  Emma Wainwright, Anne Chappell

16;15 – 18:15   Workshop 2
Goran Sergej Pristaš, Tomislav Medak, Daniele Rugo

18:45 – 21:oo   Workshop 3
conducted by Iraqi Bodies
Rite of Exile by Iraqi Bodies, directed by Anmar Taha and Josephine Gray*
*Iraqi Bodies’ visit is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

[2]  Symposium 2 –  June 13, 2018

14:oo  Welcome         Johannes Birringer & Maria Kastrinou

14:15 – 16:oo   Workshop 1
Mark Neocleous,  Joanna Zylinska,  Fuad Marei

1615 – 18:15   Workshop 2
Maria Kastrinou, Adam Ramadan, Effi Plexousaki  and Mariza Dima

18:45 – 21:oo   Workshop 3
conducted with Caridad Svich,  Fereshteh Vaziri Nasab
Nilofaar Bijanzadeh, Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso & Johannes Birringer

Film:  Olga Danylyuk:  Letters to the Unknown Friend from New York
Interactive SoundArt Performance: Lambros Pigounis: Sacrificial Mirror

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