Call for Submissions – Body and Awareness (Series title: Ways of Being a Body)

Call for Submissions

Body and Awareness (Series title: Ways of Being a Body)

(Previous titles in the series: Nine Ways of Seeing a Body and Body and Performance)

edited by Sandra Reeve


I am editing an interdisciplinary collection of writings which seeks to articulate authors’ experiences of ‘the body and awareness‘ in movement, performance, walking art, dance and somatic practices. My aim is to present a grounded set of diverse approaches that can offer a wealth of insights, tools and open questions to each other, as well as to ignite a rigorous investigation of body and awareness by practitioners and students of dance, performance, walking and movement studies, somatics and the arts therapies. I hope that by seeking simplicity and succinctness, this collection may also be of value to a wider public without compromising the complexity of ideas.

Within the context of this collection, each chapter will include its own definition of ‘awareness’ and present key elements of how that awareness (or the conditions to support that awareness) are identified/recognised, cultivated and engaged with and through practice.

Body awareness may be taken broadly to mean ‘the capacity to experience internal states and external events through sensory perception’. As well as the traditional five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, I include balance, pressure and temperature, the kinaesthetic sense and synaesthesia within my definition of sensory perception. You may include others depending on the sources of your practice – for example, manas, the sixth sense of ‘mind’ in Buddhist teachings, with ideas as mental sense-objects.

I have selected the term ‘awareness’ in an attempt to include mindful, martial, shamanic, meditative, ecological and systemic approaches, each to be defined explicitly by each author.

Proposals should follow the basic ‘praxis’ format of the first two collections: an individual or group ‘case study’ which is either the origin of your response to the title Body and Awareness and to your chapter or which illuminates and gives body to your understanding through practice.

If you are interested in contributing, please send a provisional chapter title, and a short abstract with attached bibliography indicating your selected approach and the key points which you would like to share with your readers.

The series as a whole is designed as a guide and stimulus for teachers, students and practitioners of dance, performance, walking art and movement studies, somatics and the other arts therapies where a relatively ‘brief’ view of different approaches to the body can be useful. Please take a further look at Nine Ways of Seeing a Body (which offers a historical perspective on different key approaches to the body over time), or Body and Performance (which brings together a wide range of contemporary approaches to the body that are being used by performers or in the context of performance training) to get a feeling for the style of this series.

Final submission is envisaged as succinct – 2,500-3,500 words.

Deadline for proposals: June 1, 2018

Deadline for submissions: Feb 1, 2019

Publication date: (to be confirmed): September 20 2019

Submissions and queries to: