Presence. State of mind. Training methodology. And flying bottles of water.

Have you ever watched two performers on stage and wondered why you’re drawn to one more than the other? Difficult to explain yet something that we, as performing artists or member of the audience, can all relate to. This special something is commonly known as presence. But why do some performers have more presence than others?

4-5th April, RichMix in Shoreditch will host Jorge Crecis’ event where dance, sport and sciences come together in a practice-base academic research to provide a series of techniques to enhance stage presence.
This method trains what is at the core of performing: the performers’ own state of mind.

When Performance Goes Right has been 10 years in the making. An interactive exhibition of the developmental stages of this methodology can be visited Friday and Saturday from 2pm. The event will kick in at 7:30 when audience members will be taken through a lecture demonstration. The event will end with unique opportunity to watch ‘36’. A piece made in 2011 and presented in more than 7 countries, performed over 40 times including at the Royal Opera House in 2012. You can see a short documentary here:

This is also Jorge’s PhD practical submission but above everything is a good excuse to celebrate together with friends and peers who have been supporting this journey in one way or another and offer a sneak preview of the research behind the work. Come and/or feel free to forward this email to anyone that might be interested.

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