Dancing On Your Path 2014, a Shin Somatics® workshop in dance, bodywork and imagination.

This event will be taking place on 26th-27th April or 26th-30th April (* for certification training) 10-5pm at Newton Park, Bath Spa University, BA2 9BN

Shin Somatics® is the original work of Sondra Fraleigh, founding director of Eastwest Somatics Institute for Dance and Movement Studies, Professor Emeritus at State of New York University, Author & Feldenkrais® practictioner. 

Explore the beauty and power of the body in conscious motion through intrinsic dance, movement patterning, Land to Water Yoga, and hands-on bodywork. Experience  your potential for transformation –dancing on your path.

•       Deepen your felt sense and connection to your body-mind wisdom

•       Awaken you body-as-teacher, be seen for your true self

•       Develop a deeper sense of self in community

•       Connect with to others and the natural world through embodied presence and active imagination

In addition*, learn how to witness and facilitate movement lessons and dance experiences, supporting whole self-integration and positive change. Topics include holding presence, working with image, and effective communication.

The workshop can be attended as a two day workshop or as a five day certification training for Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist with Eastwest Somatics Institute & ISMETA. Further info at  www.eastwestsomatics.com  

Led by Karen Smith MA RSME, and Karin Rugman, RSME, Senior Lecturer in Dance and Somatics, this open workshop in Shin Somatics is for anyone inspired to move consciously, let go of old habits and discover new ways of living well.

No experience necessary. All welcome.

For further details or to enrol please contact:

Karin Rugman  07958 467090


or Karen Smith 07701052655