BOOK NOW for the dancedigital festival, April 25-27 2014

The dancedigital Festival will be staged in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire over the weekend of April 25th- 27th at the University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Avenue, Bedford and will showcase the best and most exciting digital performances and installations by a range of dancedigital’s Associate Artists and the newly-hatched Catalyst Artists who will be showing their work in public for the first time.
Performers and filmmakers will follow the festival’s theme of how digital technologies can transform the experience of choreography onstage, online, inside, outside. Performers include the award winning filmmaker Rachel Davies, dancedigital Bursary Award winner (2011) Marguerite Galizia, choreographer and dancer Annie Lok, dance practitioners Luke Pell and Jo Verrent, dancer Tim Casson and video technologist Tom Butterworth, and visual artist Rachel Cherry.
dancedigital supports artists in experiments with new technology – light, sound, film, music and much more. Dance practitioners are invited to collaborate with computer scientists and software artists as well as fellow choreographers and performers to learn about and experiment with new technology with a view to incorporating it into their performance work. In their quest to support daring artistic endeavours in dance and technology, dancedigital has provided some funding as well as research and development opportunities for all participating artists.
Performances, workshops, learning and participation events and more are as follows:

Friday April 25th – Digital Futures in Dance platform for youth dance, students and emerging artists.
Saturday April 26th and Sunday April 27th – the main performance festival and conference will be taking place featuring work by artists named above and many more. 

There are panels and workshops led by distinguished practitioners and teachers including Professor Helen Bailey, pioneering DJ and filmmaker Alex Reuben, Anthony Lilley, Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Magic Lantern, the award-winning interactive media and multiplatform creative house and consultancy, Kerry Franksen, dance and intermedia artist and Nina Martin, international teacher, dancer and choreographer.


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