Summer Dance Research Seminar Series @ DMU

Summer Dance Research Seminar Series

Seminars on practice and research

These events are free and places do not need to be booked. If you are interested and would like directions to De Montfort University, please email Mike Huxley:

Monday 12th May

17.00 – 18.30

Clephan Building 3.07

De Montfort University


Jo Breslin and Jill Cowley on commonalities and the individual within collaborative choreography.

This seminar paper is informed by pedagogic research born out of facilitating choreographic modules in Higher Education.  It discusses a particular mode of collaborative performance making, that of the co-creative, intra-disciplinary choreographic project, and explores some of the methods of work and related issues that arise in this particular practice.  The focus of this exploration is Collaborative Choreography: an approach to making (Breslin & Cowley, 2009), analysed against themes from Laermans’ paper, Being in Common (2012).  Key points discussed are:

  • The need for, and creation of, commonalities within the working process.
  • The value of this type of collaboration for the individual artist.
  • The personal gains and losses implicit within this intradisciplinary model of collaboration.


Jo Breslin and Jill Cowley are Senior Lecturers in Dance and Performing Arts at De Montfort University, and two founder members of improvisation collective Quick Shifts