Call for Papers for Special Issue of the journal Research in Dance Education – Practising Research In Dance

The landscape of dance research has been transformed over the past few decades by an increasing self-consciousness about research approaches and methods, and by the evolution of practice-as-research in dance and neighbouring disciplines. What implications do these changes have for research in dance education? For this Special Issue, the editors invite papers addressing dance research practice, design and methodology. Issues and questions might include (but are not limited to) the following:

*   What philosophical and epistemological perspectives guide research practice in dance education today?
*   Where is dance education inquiry located today in the spectrum of artistry, performance, pedagogy, and scholarly pursuits?
*   How does one frame, develop and conduct practice-as-research in dance and in dance education?
*   In what ways does dance (including practice-centred) research contribute to the teaching, learning, and assessing of dance?
*   What are the disciplinary and/or institutional influences at work determining the parameters of dance and dance education research?
*   How do differing methodological approaches (e.g., interpretive, participatory, critical, embodied, reflexive, mixed method) inform dance education practice and theory?

We seek contributions of ideally 5,000 to 8,000 words addressing any of these issues and focusing on research and its applications in dance and dance education settings. Papers by previously unpublished authors will be eligible for consideration for the Linda Rolfe New Writers Prize, so please indicate if you qualify when you submit your paper.

Submission Procedures

Deadline for paper submission is 16th June 2014.
Manuscripts should be submitted online at Research in Dance Education ScholarOne Manuscripts™<>
Central site at:
Associate Editors contact information:

Anna Pakes,
University of Roehampton,
Froebel College,
Roehampton Lane,
SW15 5PJ, UK

Doug Risner,
Wayne State University,
Department of Theatre & Dance,
3225 Old Main,
MI 48202,