Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour Curated performances & One-day conference

Open to scholars, dance makers, dancers & students

Friday 20 February 2015

Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham

Organised by the Society for Dance Research, in collaboration with

Royal Holloway, University of London & London Studio Centre

Keynotes: Professor Jen Harvie (Queen Mary University of London) & Professor Priya Srinivasan (University of California Riverside)

Current performance scholarship has set into play certain discourses about post-Fordist labour practices, neoliberal economies and their relationship to affective labour. The term precarity has become a much cited cross-disciplinary concept. While some scholars address performance and its implications for the body, the specific relationships between dance practices, economies and labour still require further in-depth consideration. For this conference, we are especially interested in perspectives from dance scholarship, practice and industry.

Some questions that give us pause include:

–          What can the body do as it negotiates the tensions between neoliberalism (an ideology embedded in economic/social policies since 1970s) and post-Fordism (alabour organisation practice)?

–          How do dances gain currency and value through the process of financialisation?

–          How might dance makers articulate and reimagine transactions in the economies of spectacle?

–          What are the risks and opportunities that commercialisation and financialisation bring to the funding, production and presentation of dance in the 21st century?

–          How do we make sense of the term ‘commercial dance’ (context, genre or style)?

–          How do some dance practices decolonise economic discourse?

–          How does dance make visible the excesses of the body (pain, sweat, blood, passion, technique), while at the same time (dis)allowing its complete commodification?

–          How does dance negotiate its materiality (the body) with its immateriality (affect)?

–          How does dance perform precarity?

Call for Contributions: We welcome proposals for Papers, panels, roundtables, and non-conventional forms of presentation (including performative papers, performances, and workshops), related to the conference theme. Proposals should be no more than 250 words and, if relevant, can include links to online videos giving an indication of your performance practice. In order to present an accepted paper you must be a member of the Society for Dance Research. We are particularly interested in dance makers whose work reimagines Hip Hop, popular and commercial dance, arising from Practice as Research.

Deadline for proposals: 1 October 2014 – proposals should be emailed to naomi@londonstudiocentre.org.

Conference Organising Committee: Dr Melissa Blanco Borelli (Royal Holloway, University of London), Dr Lise Uytterhoeven (London Studio Centre) & Laura Robinson (University of Surrey)

 Conference proceedings will be published online and there will also be the opportunity to submit expanded versions of papers for consideration as part of peer review publication.