Here is a link to P(AR)take, the AR project for the Main Programme at the National Arts Festival Grahamstown 2014!

P(AR)TAKE Intro video for Main Programme @ the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown South Africa 2014: http://youtu.be/Qv1aUQw1GpE

If you want to access this with your mobile device you can do so! You must first download Aurasma, (if using an apple product download from iTunes), open it, search for the P(AR)take Channel, Follow it and then hold your phone over the P(AR)take logo! This will trigger a video on your device! Enjoy!

P(AR)take logo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=280112525504591&set=p.280112525504591&type=1&theater

Brought to you by
National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
Screendance Africa (Pty) Ltd

Concept & Curator
Jeannette Ginslov

Interaction Design & Video Editor
Jeannette Ginslov

Technical assistance
Nicci Spalding

Research Assistant
Ester van der Walt

P(AR)take: is a public art work, a virtual archive of South African Contemporary Dance that appeared at the National Arts Festival from1984, using the AR app Aurasma on smart mobile devices. With this app you are able to access the archive and trigger video clips of 10 South African choreographers’ works that appeared on the Main Programme of the NAF over the last thirty years. These have been curated by Jeannette Ginslov with research assistant MA Drama student Ester Van der Walt.

The videos resonate within the context of South Africa’s history and its transformation. The videos are suspended as hidden layers of archived media, tagged on images found in the City of Grahamstown, during the Festival. One partakes in in this art work that is part archive, part “time-machine” and part performance of memory – a living archive. The tour is a dialogue where you partake in a choreography of time and history.

Many thanks to the Choreographers Archival Contributions:
#1 Tossie Van Tonder  Thabangita 1984
#2 Vincent Mantsoe Gula Matari  1996
#3 Debbie Rakusin & David Matamela African Moves 1998
#4 Robyn Orlin  Daddy I’ve seen this piece six times…2000
#5 Jeannette Ginslov clinical capsule 2001
#6 Gary Gordon  The Unspeakable Story 2004
#7 Gregory Maqoma  Beautiful Us 2006
#8 Jay Pather Body of Evidence 2009
#9 Mamela Nyamza Isingqala 2011
#10 Fana Tshabala Ndumba 2013

Many thanks
Screendance Africa (Pty) Ltd
Standard Bank National Arts Festival

Video Produced by
Walking Gusto Productions
© 2014